Leadership Principles

There is a set of standards/behaviors by which leaders must hold themselves accountable. These behaviors separate ordinary leaders from Leaders Worth Following. (Leadercast is on a mission to fill the world with leaders like these.)

Leaders Worth Following are servant leaders who leverage their influence for the sake of others and make decisions not based on their own personal agendas but based on what is best for their team or tribe. They practice simplicity in order to bring clarity to complexity. They foster a creative atmosphere that allows others to dream and innovate. They possess a posture of unrelenting boldness. They have a clear vision and move toward a preferred future with little deviation. They architect a culture that’s set up for success. They are insightful and make decisions to do the best thing for their tribe, even if it means losing a few fans in the meantime.

Watch the videos below to hear from experts and everyday leaders about principles and behaviors in which great leadership is rooted.

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