Leadership Principles

As a leader, there is a set of standards by which you should hold yourself accountable. These standards or behaviors, as we call them at Leadercast, are what separate the ordinary leaders from the Leaders Worth Following. Below are the leadership principles we believe Leaders Worth Following should embody.

—Beyond You: A Leader Worth Following leverages their influence for the sake of others. They make decisions not based on their own personal agendas, but based on what is best for their team and their tribe.

—Simplicity: A Leader Worth Following should practice simplicity in order to bring clarity to the complex. By bringing clarity to your mission, your tribe knows what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Being able to answer these two simple questions can help bring order to the chaos and will make you much more likely to reach your goals.

—Creativity: One behavior that is often looked over is creativity. Creative leaders foster an atmosphere that allows others to dream. Innovation comes from the creative dreamers. In order to keep your tribe ahead of the game, you must allow for their dreams and ideas.

—Bravery: A Leader Worth Following should possess a posture of unrelenting boldness. When the time comes to make the big decisions or take a stand, your tribe will look to you for bravery. It is through you that they get their courage.

—Vision: A Leader Worth Following has a clear vision and moves toward a preferred future with little deviation. A leader who brings focus to their team is much more likely to see those goals come to life. Without focus and vision, it is near impossible to get where you want to go.

—Culture: A Leader Worth Following architects the right conditions to win. Through a healthy culture, you set up your tribe for success.

—Insight: A Leader Worth Following resolves to consistently do the wise thing. Although, it might not always be the popular thing, an insightful leader makes decisions to do the best thing for their tribe, even if it means losing a few fans in the meantime.

By possessing and practicing these leadership principles, you’ll see yourself leading more effectively and also building up new leaders inside your team or tribe.

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