Goal Setting

When it comes to setting goals for an organization, many people instantly think of terms like “revenue” or “profit.” While both are critical to the success of an organization, they aren’t enough to actually motivate employees. 

Great leaders know people will work harder for meaning than money, and because of this, they focus on setting goals people will want to commit to. They start with clarity—the easier goals are to understand, the better. They define their mission and let it be their north star. They also take time to put together a solid strategy for how their teams can achieve whatever it is they’re after. Great leaders also pause to celebrate victories; don’t approach goals as a to-do list, moving on to the next goal after one is reached. Always celebrate goals achieved and the people who participated in making it happen.

By giving your team a clear path to follow and a reward to work toward, you are more likely to see your goals come to fruition. Check out the videos below to learn more about goal-setting from experts and everyday leaders. 

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