Leadership is not defined by a title or a destination; it is a continual, cumulative path of learning… of persevering … of developing the values and competencies that Leaders Worth Following exhibit.  That requires discipline on a daily basis.  The discipline to lead consistently … to set and meet high quality standards and ethics … to do the right thing regardless of the situation … to make difficult decisions … to put others before you … to be aware of your limitations and honest with yourself about how you can be a better leader … a better person. 

If you are a leader with discipline, your teammates, colleagues, friends, and family expect you to consistently exhibit leadership qualities in all areas of your life –physically, mentally, spiritually, ethically. Most of all, just as in building muscle, it takes sustained discipline to build your leadership strengths. 

Examples of Discipline in leadership include:

  • Showing up on time, every time
  • Creating a clear vision and staying on course 
  • Being organized, efficient and respectful of others’ time
  • Delivering your commitments on-time and with excellence
  • Consistently reporting accurate data, analytics and after-action reviews and improvement plans
  • Exhibiting self-control and integrity in difficult times 

 “It’s not the work that’s hard, it’s the discipline.” – Author unknown 

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” -- Jim Rohn, founder of Nutri-Bio; motivational speaker; leading executive mentor

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