Dealing With Difficult People

Sometimes it’s not the work that makes work hard, it’s the people. We’ve all been there before; you come into work positive and ready to take on the day only to get your optimism crushed by a difficult person in your office. Whether it’s a difficult boss, difficult patient or difficult friend, we all deal with someone who is less than understanding every single day.

This is why it's crucial to learn how to handle situations with these difficult people, especially if you have to work alongside them every day.

A common trend seen in situations when dealing with difficult people is miscommunication. Before jumping to conclusions, take the time to try to see where that other person is coming from. Even though it may be difficult, give them the benefit of the doubt. They may not even realize that they’re being difficult. We encounter people from all walks of life every day and not everyone is going to communicate in the same way. Often, it’s just a matter of understanding the other person’s personality and communication style. As a leader, you must take the time to try to understand how other people communicate and interact before making any judgments.

In these videos on Leadercast Now, we dive into how to communicate with a variety of personality types, so no matter what type of personality you have, you can learn the best way to interact with people of other personality types.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation in a neutral area to solve your problem. Get with the person who you’ve been having trouble with and go out for coffee. Let them know you want to learn more about them, so you can work better together.

Keep in mind, whether or not a difficult person has an effect on your attitude is up to you. Don’t let the actions of someone else ruin your day. Instead of stooping to their level, try lifting them up. You’ll be amazed at how just the smallest acts of kindness can warm even the coldest hearts. Make the decision to be a positive energy-giving leader and you may even inspire them to do the same.

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