Changing Culture

Culture is a conversation led by leaders and punctuated by their actions regarding, “How we do things around here.” Your culture defines the consistency of your group, the quality of relationships among people in your group, and whether the group is aligned around the vision and mission of the organization. The first thing you need to figure out are the values that you hold the highest; that drive your business. Not the pet values that you have, but the values that drive the performance and the sustainability of your business. You need to take time to identify three to five of them. And you should figure out the priority of where they should sit and push those values out to the edges of your organization. Also, as a leader, you need to think like a filmmaker. where you’re always looking for the next great story to tell or to show others as an example of someone in your culture that you’ve caught doing it right. So look out to the field and share those stories widely, and you will build strong culture. Your organization’s culture can deteriorate if you’re not careful. Just like a growing plant, culture constantly needs attention and pruning to make sure that it is allowed to blossom.

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