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Self-Awareness: The Hidden Ingredient for Effective Team Performance

Building a successful team is a science. It’s no secret that to achieve business success, following a certain set of prescriptive methods will increase the chance of positive resu...

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Podcast: Brandon Smith on How Dysfunction Manifests on a Team

Dysfunction has the power to derail leaders, their teams and their organizations. In this episode of the Leadercast Podcast, we chat with Brandon Smith, a leadership and wor...

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3 Strategies for Addressing Difficult People More Successfully

We all deal with difficult people. In fact, before we begin pointing fingers, those difficult people could very well be us from time to time. As leaders—err, as human beings, real...

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7 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Team Meetings

We’ve all sat in a meeting where we wondered what the purpose was, why the meeting was held and what we were supposed to accomplish through it. And if we are honest, in some cases...

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Podcast: Patrick Lencioni on What to Do About Team Dysfunction

All leaders should address the dysfunction that exists among their people or within their organizations, but it can be tempting to avoid those conversations. No one wants to...

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