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Podcast: Mitch Rumppe on Why Companies Should Care About Personal Development

Personal development should matter as much to companies as it does to individuals, says Mitch Rumppe, a pastor-turned-business coach who now serves as associate coach at The...

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Podcast: Kat Cole on Giving Yourself Permission to Change

Kat Cole didn’t have the easiest childhood. At a young age, her family had to leave her father. This meant her mother was now a single mom raising three kids on a limited in...

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Podcast: Scott Hamilton on How to Turn Failures Into Wins

How do you handle failure? Do you count up all of the ways the odds were stacked against you, or do you reflect on what happened and use it as a learning opportunity?
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Podcast: Chris Barez-Brown on Why Leaders Need to Get Off Autopilot

How busy are you? Do you wear your busyness like a badge of honor, constantly filling up the tiniest bit of room in your schedule?

Chris Barez-Brown, author...

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Podcast: Laura Vanderkam on How to Feel Like You Have More Time in Your Day

Everybody has the same amount of time available to them every single day. No matter who you are or where you live, everyone gets 24 hours to do their work, be with their fam...

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