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An Attendee's Takeaways From Leadercast Live 2019

Earlier this month, I attended Leadercast Live 2019 in Duluth, Georgia, along with two colleagues from work.

We ate fantastically, had one weird Uber experience after anot...

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Teamwork Over Talent

These days, virtually no one will tell you that teamwork isn't important when it comes to an organization achieving its goals. Even cynics understand that groups of people who are...

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Podcast: Andy Stanley on Moving Your Organization Forward

Andy Stanley is founder of North Point Ministries, a Christian organization that has grown from one church in 1995 to seven in the Atlanta area, plus a network of more than ...

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Podcast: Patrick Lencioni on What to Do About Team Dysfunction

All leaders should address the dysfunction that exists among their people or within their organizations, but it can be tempting to avoid those conversations. No one wants to...

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Podcast: Dr. Caroline Leaf on Creating a Positive Community Mindset

As humans, we are wired for community. But isolation is reaching epidemic levels in our modern world. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and cognitive neurosci...

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