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You Can Have It All! (If You Know What Your It Is)

There is, and probably will always be a significant amount of hand-wringing over the topic of “having it all”, especially when it comes to women. To paraphrase one of my favorite ...

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15 Interview Tips from Leadercast #StuffLeadersKnow

In our series #StuffLeadersKnow, we give tips on how to improve the daily tasks and duties that a leader may have to face. Today, we are discussing interview tips! No matter if th...

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Are You Building and Caring for Your Relationships?

Hello again! Whether you have been following my blog or just discovering it, I am glad to be here with you as we travel the road to Career Happiness together! Although the journey...

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Are You Where You Should Be?

Welcome back! I hope that you have been reading, pondering and maybe even taking action based on what you’ve read so far. I am so grateful to be able to lead you in this journey t...

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The Process

“I’ve known what I wanted to be since I was five years old.”


When I was five years old I wanted to be a Jedi;

Then a firefighter,


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