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What The World Would Be Like If Visionaries Didn’t Exist

If you could stop and imagine our nation today compared to centuries past, the last 100 years have demonstrated that we have had an exponential increase in technology and innovati...

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[Pause]…for Laughter

When you put on a play, regardless of whether it’s a cute, elementary-school production or a full Broadway musical, you practice. You practice for weeks and weeks learning lines, ...

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Delegate to the Right People on the Bus

I recently finished reading Good to Great by Jim Collins, a cornerstone book in the business world when it comes to growing not only a good company into a great company but discov...

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Why You Need To Delegate To Be Effective

Ask any manager and they will tell with you that delegating tasks and responsibilities is vital to your success as a leader.

For most high-performing employees, however...

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What You Need To Know About Strategic Vision

Bringing clarity to the complex is one of the most influential qualities of a leader. Clarity can be achieved when a leader has an authentic vision to share with the world. Howeve...

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