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What Can Your Kids Teach You About Leadership?

Everyone encounters stressful and chaotic situations, but some people encounter them more often than others: We're looking at you, parents. 

Children have an uncanny abili...

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Tyler Perry: The Making of a Leader

”You’re not truly successful unless your success is having a positive impact on the world.”

Tyler Perry excels at many things: he’s a world-renowned producer, dire...

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Jim McKelvey: Square’s Co-Founder Takes Us on his Entrepreneurial Journey

Jim McKelvey is the co-founder of Square – the mobile payment app that solves the problem of affordable credit card processing for millions of businesses, service providers and on...

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How Would You Elect a Leader Worth Following?

At Leadercast, we exist to help people become leaders worth following. Whether at our live events or through our digital platform, our purpose is to help you become the kind of va...

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What I’ve Learned About Purpose From Visionary Speaker Andy Stanley

I was thrilled to hear that Andy Stanley is returning to the Leadercast Live stage in 2017! A powerful leadership communicator, best-selling author and founder of North Point Mini...

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