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7 Apps to Boost Audience Growth

As leaders, we have to be very intentional about how we use our time to get the most out of our busy days. It’s easy to get so caught up doing the big things that we gloss over th...

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3 Ways to Grow in Giving Feedback as a Leader

Feedback is critical for any thriving business. Employees won’t know what they’re doing right—or worse, wrong—if their leaders don’t tell them. However, giving valuable feedback c...

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Book of the Month Review: “The 100X Leader”

As leaders, it's our duty to set the right environment for the people around us to thrive. We must invest in and nourish ourselves and our teams, and it's our job to cast a vision...

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5 Ways You’re Inhibiting Your Growth as a Leader

Human Growth Inhibitors block us from reaching our full potential. They hinder emotional development, impede progress and stifle creativity. They kill sales, rob us of joy and hol...

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Podcast: Andy Stanley on Moving Your Organization Forward

Andy Stanley is founder of North Point Ministries, a Christian organization that has grown from one church in 1995 to seven in the Atlanta area, plus a network of more than ...

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