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Dealing with Difficult Employees

As a leader you will inevitably be challenged and have to deal with difficult employees. In fact, anytime there are more than two individuals in an organization there will be conf...

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Teams: A Leader's Secret Ingredient

The most successful organizations with the lowest employee turnover are those that have leaders who create an atmosphere for their teams to succeed.

This means that the...

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Simplicity In 8 Easy Steps

We’ve all heard the saying: less is more.

But living in a society where bigger is often recognized as better, we can be overcome with the idea of ‘more’.

● M...

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How To Be Calm In Complete Chaos

“Conflict builds character. Crisis defines it.” says Steven V. Thulon, the Band Superintendent of the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America. Leaders experience a range of co...

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How To Trust and Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is not luck- it is noticing clues and patterns to make decisions and predict future outcomes. In other words, it is our subconscious mind combing through information tha...

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