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The State Of Leadership 2015: Why A New Approach Is In Order

According to the latest “Workforce 2020” research from Oxford Economics, sponsored by SAP, only 44% of executives believe their leadership teams are capable of driving and effecti...

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Three Ways To Develop Margin

Leadership can require individuals to wear many hats. From manager, facilitator, arbitrator to visionary, constantly piling on responsibilities can leave us with very little margi...

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Simplicity In 8 Easy Steps

We’ve all heard the saying: less is more.

But living in a society where bigger is often recognized as better, we can be overcome with the idea of ‘more’.

● M...

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No More Unpredictable Leaders

Last week my dad called my brother and I to let us know that he would once again begin the arduous process of job-hunting. The tech company he had been working for hadn’t hit thei...

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