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7 Steps to Being a Better Listener

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my line of work it’s this: Listening is an essential skill for success.

I’ve spent 24 years in law enforcement and I can tell you, y...

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Podcast: Celeste Headlee on How to Have Conversations That Matter

Communication is the lifeblood of leadership—if you can’t communicate, you simply can’t lead. Good communication starts with good conversations: Conversations that are real;...

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5 Steps to Prevent Miscommunication From Plaguing Your Team

A wise man once said, communication makes friends; a lack of communication makes enemies. You can break a heart or start a war simply based on the words you choose. We all know co...

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7 Communication Blunders to Avoid as a Leader

Communication in its purest form is simply transferring information from one source to another, whether it be through a written, verbal and/or nonverbal exchange. While the defini...

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The Power of Managing Mistakes and Maintaining Relationships

Imagine this: You’ve assumed your whole life that polar bears live at both the North and South Poles. You get into a discussion about the bears over dinner with a friend and casua...

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