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Leaders Who Hear

Last week I participated in an all day offsite meeting. The goal was to pour over every detail of our 2014 Leadercast Live event that takes place on May 9th. The room was filled w...

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Calling All Interns

“I didn’t even know you were an intern,”

402 days into a 409-day internship, and I can’t tell you how sweet those words are to hear.

“Well… I try not to act li...

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Embracing the Tension

If I am honest with you I spend a significant portion of my life in tension, tension I both crave and loathe in equal parts. In fact for a majority of my life I lived with tension...

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Who is Really in Charge of Your Career?

If you read my January post, I mentioned my four core career beliefs that inform everything that I write, do, and speak about. In each of the next four months I will go deeper int...

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Leadership in the Spotlight

There will likely come a time in all of our lives where the spotlight is focused directly on us. In that moment we will all have a choice of how we handle the attention. Essential...

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