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Does Your Mission Bring Meaning?

It’s safe to assume that your office building has a wall somewhere with a plaque, sleek vinyl letters, or some elaborate piece of art on it. Whatever the medium might be in your b...

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What's Driving Your Innovation?

At some level each of us has a desire to innovate. Certainly there is a scale… some are looking for new ways to travel through space, while some are simply looking for a more effi...

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50 Days

50 days. In 50 days a diverse community of leaders will converge in locations around the world to experience Leadercast Live. Thousands will gather at Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta, G...

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Your Skills, Talents and Abilities

Where are you in your journey to your Career Happiness?

By chance does this sound familiar- “I don’t know what I want to do, but I know it’s not this?” I am p...

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Leaders Who Hear

Last week I participated in an all day offsite meeting. The goal was to pour over every detail of our 2014 Leadercast Live event that takes place on May 9th. The room was filled w...

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