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Seasons of Change

Hey everyone! I am Jayson Teagle, Executive Director of Leadercast. I don’t know where you are, but here in Atlanta, it is getting warmer and I am quickly realizing that it is goi...

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5 Questions to Ask When You Encounter a New Idea

I love new ideas.

They are like catnip for my soul. As a movie producer I have no shortage of people pitching me story ideas. Some of them are quite interesting.


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3 Essential Traits Leaders of Creative Teams Should Possess

Creativity is a fragile thing.

As someone who is on creative team, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best handle the ideation and creation processes. Brainstorming s...

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New Job? How Not To Screw It Up.

Have you ever welcomed a new colleague, then became subjected to a never ending “At the XYZ Company, we did it this way.” Yeah well, unless you specifically asked, chances are, yo...

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What The World Would Be Like If Visionaries Didn’t Exist

If you could stop and imagine our nation today compared to centuries past, the last 100 years have demonstrated that we have had an exponential increase in technology and innovati...

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