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Calling All Interns

“I didn’t even know you were an intern,”

402 days into a 409-day internship, and I can’t tell you how sweet those words are to hear.

“Well… I try not to act li...

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Embracing the Tension

If I am honest with you I spend a significant portion of my life in tension, tension I both crave and loathe in equal parts. In fact for a majority of my life I lived with tension...

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Who is Really in Charge of Your Career?

If you read my January post, I mentioned my four core career beliefs that inform everything that I write, do, and speak about. In each of the next four months I will go deeper int...

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Leadership in the Spotlight

There will likely come a time in all of our lives where the spotlight is focused directly on us. In that moment we will all have a choice of how we handle the attention. Essential...

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No More Unpredictable Leaders

Last week my dad called my brother and I to let us know that he would once again begin the arduous process of job-hunting. The tech company he had been working for hadn’t hit thei...

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