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The Martian Movie Review with Leadership on My Mind

I saw The Martian movie this weekend and was planning to give the rest of my family a thumbs up or thumbs down assessment. No spoiler alerts here, but my review took a twist when ...

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You Need Your Own Creativity Guru

Ever wish you had your own personal creativity guru? You know – part muse, part motivator – someone who can help you kick-start your ideas and define your work-life vision?


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Manager vs. Leader

Have you ever considered why you think of some people as leaders, and other people—who clearly lead your team or head your department—you simply think of as managers or bosses? Read more

How a Three-Minute Video Saved My Job

Recently we heard from a leader who said that one of our videos might just have saved her job. She explained that she had been in a meeting, presenting the final launch data for a...

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What’s Your Leadership Like When Nobody’s Watching?

This morning in my workout class, the instructor was talking about the importance of applying the core principles of Pilates throughout my day – not just when I’m in class. He sai...

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