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A Holiday Gift of Inspiration

You know all those leadership tips about increasing your productivity and working smarter? We bet some of you apply that theory to your holiday shopping, and some of you end up at...

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End of Year Challenge: Define Your Vision

One of the perks of being Chief Vision Performance Coach is that you get to witness the moment that your clients make the connection between “vision” and “possibilities. For Jeann...

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Who’s At Your Table This Thanksgiving?

For me, Thanksgiving planning always begins with “The List:” who do I hope to have at our table this year? Naturally, my list includes family, friends and occasionally someone I a...

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Little Love Letters for a Peaceful Revolution

Like a lot of people, Elizabeth Cassidy has been moved to tears this year by the violence that occurs on a seemingly daily basis. “I started to make a list of all the places deepl...

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3 Leadership Lessons From Broadway Blockbuster, Hamilton

Let me start by saying that two things that fire me up are leadership and musicals. (Also on that list are the Philadelphia Phillies and The West Wing, but those are for a blog po...

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