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Q&A: Laura Ling on Leadership Lessons Learned as a Prisoner in North Korea

During times of hardship, it takes courage to push forward despite what our fears tell us. As leaders, we all experience adversity in some form. For award-winning journalist Laura...

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Podcast: Cathilea Robinett on Challenging the Status Quo

It’s hard for leaders to challenge the status quo. It takes authenticity, a propensity for risk-taking and a thick skin. Government leaders, in particular, know this al...

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Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

“What if it doesn’t work out?” “What if the business fails?” “What if I fail?” What-if scenarios have a tendency to infect our minds and deter us from taking a leap into a new cha...

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4 Tips for Implementing Change in Your Sphere of Influence

Large-scale organizational change often sparks fear. There can be comfort in doing things the way they’ve always been done, even when it becomes apparent that change is a strategi...

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Sales Development Representative, Leadercast

The Company: Leadercast, a multimillion-dollar company headquartered in metro Atlanta, is on a mission to fill the world with Leaders Worth Following and has been doing so for ove...

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