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3 New Books to Help You Lead This Fall

Fall often feels like more of a fresh start than the New Year. For those working in academia or attending graduate programs, whose fiscal calendars begin again in October, or folk...

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3 Reasons Why Bad Leadership Makes Us Better

Throughout your life and career, you are under the tutelage of many, many leaders. From your parents to your teachers, your first boss to your last, you are learning from those wh...

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3 Leadership Lessons From My Dad

So much of who we are is shaped by our parents: how we behave, what interests us, how we treat others, the way we carry ourselves in the world, etc. Because kids see their parents...

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7 Leaders in History Who Quietly Changed the World

Monuments and museums give us the opportunity to learn about the leaders who had a major influence on our world. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson...

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Life Lessons MLK Taught His Daughter

It’s easy to become our own worst enemy. As leaders, we often put pressure on ourselves to succeed or live up to our internalized high standards. Add that to the pressures and sta...

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