Seasons of Change

Hey everyone! I am Jayson Teagle, Executive Director of Leadercast. I don’t know where you are, but here in Atlanta, it is getting warmer and I am quickly realizing that it is going from winter to spring very fast, which is exciting!

The cycles of the seasons inspire me to think of leadership in organizations in terms of seasons as well.

My good friend, Dr. Henry Cloud, relates seasons of leadership to tending to a garden. Just as you would water, fertilize, prune, pick, and eat of the fruit of your garden, you must do the same in your leadership development. This means constantly re-thinking, re-shaping, and growing.

I want to share 5 major points that I have learned about my leadership journey. Maybe one or maybe all five will be pertinent to you in your leadership season now and in the future.

1: Become a thermostat. So often, an organization’s climate will change, but most leaders keep the same processes, techniques, strategies, and functions despite the change. When leaders do not realize and adapt to changing climates, other members may see the gap of what is being done compared what needs to be done.

It is important to recognize what ‘needs’ to be done in your organization because simply doing may not address your organizational challenges.

2: Be unique. As a leader in a unique industry with a unique job function, you must realize that others leaders may be experiencing a season different than yours. Your organization will even go through a different season than other organizations and, as technology develops, different jobs, roles and titles will do the same. There are no set steps for going through the different challenges you will face, so be sure to develop your own tactic for conquering each season.

Here at Leadercast, we took an idea and developed a mission, vision, identity, personality, and DNA for the Leadercast brand.

We created a unique organization, therefore we have unique challenges, diverse assets and different seasons than other organizations.

3. Focus on the areas that command your attention. In the Executive Director position, I have been challenged in many ways. So often we can identify weak spots in ourselves or in our organizations and hope that they will magically go away. The heart of great leadership must choose to turn these weak spots into strong points that grow our organizations and ourselves.

For me, I identified weak spots in financial discipline, infrastructure, and technology. As a creative leader, I simply don’t mix with some of these processes. But because I understand the needs within my organization, I was able to amend what I believed this particular season would contain for me and then adapt to ensure the company would stay strong.

Leadercast has developed a good partnership with SAP to help combat our difficulties with technology and infrastructure. I’m proud to say that we have turned this season’s difficulties into next season’s strengths.

4: Be transparent. Make sure that the other members of your organization know what season you are going through. Make it clear if your seasons are changing and that you are developing a plan to thrive during the changes that occur. This creates an environment where problems get fixed, momentum is built, and opportunities arise.

5: Prepare for the next season. Remember that although you may have conquered one season, the next season may be right around the corner. It is an exciting time! Enjoy the plan and embrace the journey. In this reflection period, look at the challenges you and others have overcome. Be sure to celebrate them publicly and privately.

Always prepare for the next season.

Also remember to enjoy the fruits as well as the season. Simply realizing where you are and where you have come from puts you in a better position for the future.

Embrace the journey and keep leading well.

Now it’s your turn:

How have you prepared for the seasons of change in your leadership?

What can you do differently to prepare for the seasons ahead?

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