Meet Leadercast Women’s Neeta Bhushan

Once you’ve found your purpose, life holds no boundaries… and for Neeta Bhushan, author of Emotional Grit, her search for purpose began with tremendous loss.

When Neeta was only 10 years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a six-year battle with the disease, she passed away. And in that same year, her eldest brother also unexpectedly passed, leaving her family in shambles.

Some years went by and just as Neeta and her youngest brother began to find some sense of normalcy in their lives, their father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and passed away nine months later.

By the age of 19, Neeta was an orphan, who had not only lost her parents but also her eldest brother—but it was through this string of tragedies in her life that taught Neeta how to master her emotions.

Now, as CEO of Global GRIT Institute, Neeta is on a mission to see a new era of leadership in the world, one centered around empathy-based solutions. She devotes her time to helping businesses build emotionally confident leaders who aren’t afraid to show the world their grit.

“People are crying out for authentic, really truthful leaders who aren’t afraid to showcase the rawest parts of themselves that make them more human.” — Neeta Bhushan

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