Here's To You

Here’s something you may or may not know about Leadercast. This year during Leadercast Live on May 9th, there will actually be 700+ simultaneous events unfolding around the world, at the same time. As our friends Tripp & Tyler inform us in the very funny video below, this phenomenon is called “simulcast.”

We wanted to take a moment on the blog today to show some love and appreciation to the amazing leaders at each of these simulcast locations who pour so much energy and effort into creating events in their businesses, organizations, and communities that are designed to build leaders worth following.

These people have worked so hard to organize, promote, and execute high quality events that benefit their broader community. They take time out of their busy schedules to attend conference calls and webinars like the one we are doing later this afternoon to go over the programming schedule for the day on May 9th.

Being a host site lead is part art, and part science. It involves curating a memorable experience, but also organizing a schedule that keeps a very busy day in alignment with an international broadcast feed.

The Leadercast Live host site leaders are heroes around our office. Men and women who are committed to raising the standard of leadership in their local context by bringing a high quality event to their communities, and also bringing local leaders worth following together. If you’re curious about hosting a simulcast, you can see details, or apply to host by visiting here. If you’re wondering where you can attend your local Leadercast Live event visit here.

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