Beyond Basketball

Don’t you love it when you hear a great story about an athlete or celebrity that restores your faith in their profession? This is one of those stories, and we’re thrilled to share it with our Leadercast community.

Kyle Korver has a 10-year NBA career; holds multiple records, including the NBA record for consecutive games with a made three-point field goal. However, if you had the chance to talk to him for an hour, it’s unlikely that the subject of basketball would come up. Kyle would much rather talk to you about his family, his faith, or one of the many charities that he and his family have come alongside over the years. He’s much more than a basketball player. In his words: “It’s a pretty empty life if all you get is basketball at the end.”

Kyle and his brother Klayton have launched Seer Outfitters to support their efforts with various non-profits throughout the country. The apparel company has incredible men’s and women’s styles, and also helps organizations design and print their own apparel to communicate their unique message.

Here’s the cool part though… Seer is dedicated to helping others. Whether its building wheelchair ramps for children and families who cannot afford to properly equip their homes, or building basketball courts in inner city Chicago, Seer is focused on leveraging all of their profits, energy, and talent to help individuals in need.

Kyle is an athlete that we hold up as a “Beyond You” leader… someone who understands the bigger picture, and is committed to leveraging their influence for the sake of others. Here is a sneak peak at a video interview we had the pleasure of filming with Kyle last February… this was shown at Leadercast Live on May 9th, 2014.

Hopefully the video above gives you a glimpse into the heart and character behind the basketball player. We believe in leaders like Kyle… we believe in their authenticity, their drive, and their ability to make a difference by choosing to leverage their life for the benefit of others.

Check out for ways that you can support Kyle’s efforts to support organizations that are making a difference across the country. Our team at Leadercast can’t wait to cheer Kyle on in his 11th NBA season, but our cheers will not be for a gifted athlete… we’ll be cheering on a Leader Worth Following.

The video above is featured at Leadercast Now. Check out more from Kyle, including additional video footage, and accompanying leadership learning paths by visiting

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