A Holiday Gift of Inspiration

You know all those leadership tips about increasing your productivity and working smarter? We bet some of you apply that theory to your holiday shopping, and some of you end up at the mall at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve! No matter which type of shopper you are, Leadercast has just the ticket – literally. Now through December 27, 2016, you can give one of the most inspirational gifts on the planet, order it right from your smartphone or laptop, AND save $100 or more!

What’s the deal?

Whichever you choose, it’s a great way to give a truly meaningful, mentoring motivational gift this year. But don’t just take our word for it! We asked a few of people who purchased Leadercast last year: What makes Leadercast a great gift?

“The Leadercast Live event gets me really inspired, so I can go back to my office re-energized and more motivated. The first year I went, I was so excited, I wanted my team to feel what I felt after hearing speakers like Peyton Manning, Seth Godin and Rorke Denver. I bought Leadercast for the three people on my team. Instead of getting to the office the Monday after Leadercast and saying, ‘Now what?’ we kick off team meetings with the videos and talk about leadership topics that make a difference to the way we work.” —Paula W.

“This is my second year in my job, and my aunt bought Leadercast Now for me because she says it has been a huge help in her life and career. At first I was like, ‘really?’ But when I was interviewing for a promotion, I watched a couple of videos to give me confidence – like Negotiating a Salary and Speaking Truth to Power. Then I would mention Leadercast during an interview – it’s like talking about the latest leadership book, only better. It lets the person know that I’m serious about leadership and I think it makes me a better candidate.” —David E.

“Attending Leadercast Live changed my life – so much so that I left my job and opened my own company! The values of our organization are directly a result of Leadercast speakers like Andy Stanley – clarity, vision and ‘emptying my cup’ into others. After years of working a job, now I’m following my purpose. Last year, I brought Leadercast Live to my team as a host site for a rebroadcast. We took to the day to watch it together, discuss it, and we embrace the leadership principles in our everyday work and lives.” —Bryant C.

Is there a leadership junkie on YOUR holiday list? (Maybe it’s even YOU.) Then Leadercast is the gift to give this year. Best of all, this is a gift you can “unwrap” as soon as you sign up!

There’s no limit to the number of gifts you can buy, but you must order by December 27 to get these great savings.

Our staff recommends the bundle of a Leadercast Live ticket + a subscription to Leadercast Now, for the greatest impact, hugest savings and a FREE book!

Says Jon Thompson, Director of Leadercast Now, “Think about it! This gift lasts 365 days and includes a high-energy event where you can hear today’s top leadership speakers, and includes a book as a gift to unwrap! What other gift can actually transform the way someone lives and leads their life?”

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