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Zane Stephens

Zane Stephens is a self-described Renaissance Man, good at a lot of things, but great at none. As a creative, he cannot help but juggle many things at once. He claims that he is more productive when his mind is stretched.

Currently, he has his own acting studio in Atlanta, Zane Stephens Studio, in which he trains every student that comes through his school. He is an actor by trade, most known for his roles on the CWTV show The Vampire Diaries, and 20th Century’s The Internship. Also, he is finishing up his first book on the how and why of being an artist.

Zane is most passionate about engaging the creative and entertainment world and inspiring them to live outside of themselves. He lives by a foundational truth, something he calls #thewhy. If you spend any time with him, you’ll hear him talk about "affecting the audience." In all he does, his desire is to be 100 percent authentic. He believes through his own experiences and what he has learned about himself on his journey, the one thing that empowers and inspires him is giving himself away.



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