Syrine Reese

With over 15 years progressive and diverse human resources experience Syrine A. Reese is recognized as a successful organizational change agent, builder, mentor, community leader, entrepreneur, and mother of two.

Currently the Head of Talent Acquisition at Healthfirst, which is a New York-based, regional health insurance plan that is dedicated to serving 1.2 million members located in the downstate communities of New York; she joined Healthfirst in order to evolve the Talent Acquisition function and shift the organizational mindset of what it means to deliver high-quality talent.

Committed to developing leaders and creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, Syrine's philanthropic and humanitarian efforts expand beyond the corporation and into the communities of New York City — which she considers her home. Some of her most recent accomplishments include new and exciting partnerships with New York Urban League, The Network Journal, Workforce One, the National Association for Hispanic Nurses, Pierre Lee Group, and volunteering with organizations such as the Taproot Foundation, Williamsburg Community Center, and Harlem Hospital, all while consistently providing mentorship and guidance to a multitude of aspiring leaders.



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