Steve Cockram

Steve Cockram is co-founder of GiANT Worldwide, a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship. He travels extensively all over the world, teaching and consulting with senior executives and their teams from the likes of the British government and multinational corporations to small start-ups in the U.K. and U.S.

An acknowledged expert in the field of Jungian Type Analysis, Steve developed GiANT’s methodology and curriculum, which help leaders fully understand their internal wiring and core motivations. He is fiercely practical and committed to “Applied Leadership Learning,” seeking to give leaders fresh insights and tools that will make a real difference immediately. Some of the tools and concepts he has developed include:

  • GiANT’s original Toolkit: Simple, sticky visual tools that teach self-awareness and communication 
  • The 5 Voices of a Team: A language for decoding and building better relationships
  • GiANT’s Best Fit Experience: A methodology for understanding natural personality wiring 
  • Apprenticeship Methodology: A system for intentionally transferring knowledge, skills and expertise into the lives of others 
  • Leadership Kryptonite: Understanding stress reactions and what undermines our ability to influence others according to personality type 
  • Healthy Pilot: Understanding the drivers for our personalities and what we need to remain healthy and fully engaged in our lives 

Armed with conversational British humor, Steve helps individuals explore what it’s like to live on the receiving end of his or her leadership, often resulting in toxic company cultures. He then equips and empowers them to become leaders everyone wants to follow, heading organizations for which anyone would want to work.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who is perpetually involved in a wide range of new initiatives. When not creating or consulting, he enjoys movies, sports, exploring new cultures, and eating out with friends.
During their marriage of 23 years, Steve and his wife Helen have lived in 12 different houses on two continents. The couple currently resides in Gerrards Cross, London, with their three girls, Izzy (15), Megan (11) and Charlotte (4).



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