Sharon Frame

Sharon Frame is an award-winning CNN anchor and writer, dynamic international speaker and acclaimed author. Sharon combines her 20+ years in TV journalism along with her expertise in public speaking, marketing and sales. She works with executives, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to achieve extraordinary results with powerful and influential presentation skills. Her workshops and one-on-one programs enable individuals to develop commanding stage presence, overcome fear and create an interactive, fun audience experience that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Sharon's friends find it hard to believe that “Sharon Frame” was a wallflower growing up. Yes, she was the shy kid who got so nervous in class her mind would freeze if the teacher called on her to answer a question. Despite this character weakness it seems Sharon always had dogged determination and, yes, “That voice.” 

Funny how a shy kid born in a foreign country (Jamaica) would grow up to become a CNN News anchor/writer, award-winning TV journalist, speech presentation coach, and author. Sharon is also very grateful for the opportunity to help change lives through her LeadHERship™ Empowerment program.

One of her greatest delights is teaching LeadHERship™ to female inmates at The Rockdale County Jail, challenging them to take ownership of their lives, learn to love themselves, discover the need for self-improvement and understand the power and joy of helping others.

As one-time wall-flower, Sharon has had the honor of helping others step out from the shadow of self-doubt and fear to flourish! Many have learned LeadHERship™ strategies to live a life of service, substance and joyful satisfaction, bringing Sharon great satisfaction.



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