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Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally published author and columnist at Inc.com. He has spent more than seven years as a speaker and trainer helping organizations gain clarity around the emerging generations so that they can effectively lead, engage, and sell in today’s multigenerational marketplace. 

He is the author of The Millennial Manual: The Complete How-To Guide to Manage, Develop, and Engage Millennials at Work. His top-ranked insights have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and SUCCESS Magazine. His fresh and forward-thinking approach to generations have made him one of the most highly sought after generational and future of work speakers.

He is also a partner at 21Mill.com, a digital training platform dedicated to helping Millennials perform better at work.

When he is not speaking and writing, you can find him sampling craft beers from around the U.S. or religiously cheering on the Denver Broncos with his wife, 2 children, and yellow labrador from their home in Atlanta.



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