Ray Attiyah

Ray Attiyah is an entrepreneur, innovator, master teacher, and optimist. He is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Definity Partners (a training, process and leadership improvement firm who works primarily with mid-sized manufacturing companies).

As the son of a math teacher, Ray was raised to be a life-long learner, taught to think and not take everything at face value. As exemplified by his parent's upbringing and careers, he learned that anything is possible and one can maintain simplicity in all things.

Ray's innovative entrepreneurial spirit combined with his passion to share his knowledge and experience with others gave him the boldness to start a company more than 17 years ago, at the young age of 26, and over a dozen additional businesses since then. That same spirit and passion gave Ray the ability to create and develop the tools, processes and systems needed to implement his approach known as Run Improve Grow, as well as the expertise to then adapt his approach to meet the needs of any business. Ray has now put that passion, spirit and creativity into words in his first book The Fearless Front Line, which gives the essence of what it will take for any organization to achieve a lifetime of sustainable growth.



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