Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon is President and founder of EchelonCommunicate, LLC, the Leader’s communication company. Working at the intersection of great leadership and powerful communication, Echelon provides high impact learning programs, executive coaching, and facilitation services to global companies, non-profits and start-ups. Melissa is a recognized communication expert and award-winning media producer. She serves as a featured speaker, workshop leader, and sought-after executive coach for global organizations committed to having a positive impact on the world. Past clients include GE, The Coca-Cola Company, Dimension Data, Habitat for Humanity, IBM, Nucor, Ultimate Software, and eminent entrepreneurs and community leaders.

EchelonCommunicate helps leaders and their teams leverage the power of authentic communication and gives them the practical tools they need to engage, influence, and inspire key stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, and business partners. Melissa holds a B.A. from University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She is an avid cyclist and leadership development volunteer for global non-profit. Learn more about Echelon at www.echeloncommunicate.com.



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