Marshall Chiles

Marshall Chiles has been a professional comedian since 2000, while building several comedy clubs and festivals around the country. He combines his 23 years of entrepreneur success and 15 years of stand-up comedy experience to help make the business world a better place!

At night, he works with some of the biggest names in comedy. During the day he works with executives and sales people helping them apply humor to their workplace and presentations. True, not everyone wants to, nor should, use humor. But those that do like making people laugh are appreciative to find such a handsome source to help them be ‘funnier.’

Marshall's favorite client engagement is doing corporate comedy roasts. He has consistently been told these roasts are some of the best events in company history. Marshall's own comedy is not corporate clean, but he understands corporate culture enough in order to write jokes that are funny without being offensive. His equation 'comedy + business = humor' is key to understanding how to make people laugh in a business setting.

His goal with applying his comedy knowledge to the business world is to help executives remember that it is not businesses doing business with other businesses, it is people doing business with other people. And since these are people, make them happy by applying as much humor as possible.



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