Lynn Lilly

After being laid off from her big time corporate job, Lynn Lilly took her savings and decided to follow her life long passion of crafting and entertaining. The road began on a few dollars, hard work, a lot hours and a lot of creativity. Lynn quickly learned you can build an empire by yourself, but had little to no money to bring on a team. Lynn was on a search for people passionate about creating and empowering, who would believe in the vision over the paycheck. Lynn has built a team of dedicated people who are all believers in her mission. Her leadership has brought them all into the fold with a desire to be involved in key decision making activities and the creative direction of the company. Lynn's goal is to continue to empower her team to make a difference, share their ideas and be a major contributor the success of Craft Box Girls no matter what their role.

Lynn’s everyday life is filled with a sprinkle of confetti, a shot from a glue gun, a taste of chocolate and a big dash of leadership, tech support and content creation! In a matter of two short years, Lynn has created a following and a community that many women can relate to. As the founder of CraftBoxGirls.com, LifestyleBloggersSociety.com and NationalDIYDAY.com, Lynn is works to empower and inspire women and youth through creative do-it-yourself projects, crafts and simple recipes. Lynn's mission goes far beyond the craft room and kitchen, she is working to inspire and empower women to follow their dreams whether it is turning a hobby into a business, being the best mom they can be, or climbing the corporate ladder. Her creative drive has allowed for many opportunities to flood her door and she isn't stopping. She is a force to be reckoned with.

You can catch Lynn on her weekly television segment on NBC’s Atlanta & Company, and as a guest on daytime television shows across the country, inspiring viewers with simple and easy projects. When Lynn is not crafting she spends her time speaking at events, teaching crafting classes and blogging workshops. Lynn lives in Atlanta with her husband, Brennan, and their three dogs, Lolly, Ares, and Tate.



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