Jerome Wilson

Before coming to Atlanta, in September 2005, Jerome briefly worked as “Director of Challenges” for the “Douglas Law Firm”. He successfully pioneered two political campaigns. Those victories opened doors for him to become a Judicial Assistant, to Louisiana’s Juvenile Judge, Louis F. Douglas. After the storm “Katrina” he evacuated Louisiana and moved to Atlanta. Jerome started a career in “Business Consultation” with “Atlanta Micro Enterprise Network”. Shortly thereafter, he became the Customer Relations Liaison for Cornerstone Medical. After seven years in the medial field Jerome started “Ambassador Enterprise Int’l Cultural Exchange”. A.E.I.C.E, “treasures discovering the value in others” to develop “workplace Ambassadors”. This organization consults and equips individuals, businesses and (faith) Leaders to become "Ambassador's " to advance the Kingdom of God through business. Jerome is also a member of the "Georgia Christian Business Network" and currently on the Advisory board for the "Fulton County Juvenile Justice Choice Program."



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