Darian Moorman

My name is Darian Moorman. I am from Marietta, Georgia and played football in high school and received a football scholarship at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. I met my beautiful girl at Samford and she actually married me. She birthed two handsome boys, Daylin and Dallas. Hopefully there is a girl on the way at some point.

My hobbies are playing basketball and flag football. I also love playing, singing, and making music. I play the piano, guitar, and saxophone mildly. My passion is writing lyrics.

As soon as I heard there was an Iron Tribe opening in Johns Creek, I was immediately interested. I had been following Iron Tribe for a while so I reached out to a friend for advice. I valued his opinion sincerely and long story short, I am now at Iron Tribe Fitness. I love being here and realize how much structure I was missing previously. I am excited to help grow our facility with our Johns Creek team as well as carry on the tradition of the Tribe.



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