Collin Siedor

Collin Siedor is on the faculty of Speakeasy, Inc., whose mission is to help business executives, professionals and organizational leaders become more powerful and effective communicators. Speakeasy has offices in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Bangalore. Prior to Speakeasy, Collin served as Senior Vice-President of Production for CWK Network, Inc., producing news stories, documentaries and web-based resources for TV affiliates in the U.S. CWK also creates print, video and web-based educational programming for school systems around the nation. Collin was also president and founder of Dystar Television, Inc., producing documentary programs for domestic and worldwide television syndication. Collin ran Dystar from 1986 to 2001, after five years as head of the Documentary Unit for Gannett Broadcasting, producing news specials for all of the Gannett television stations in the nation.



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