Boyd Christian

Boyd Christian is a consultant for Slalom, LLC, in Atlanta. From healthcare and investment banking, to consumer products and hospitality, Boyd has held a wide range of influential roles across industry and consulting. It's precisely this variety of experience that has molded him into an effective consultant for Slalom.

Boyd enjoys the intersection of marketing, technology and innovation, and works most with clients looking to bring large-scale strategies to life by navigating the minefield of challenges that corporate executives face to get things done.

Boyd has extensive experience consulting in the travel and hospitality industry with Slalom, where he has led projects in social media marketing, loyalty marketing, and content strategy.

Previously, Boyd was a manager of innovation and creativity at The Coca-Cola Company, where he built global innovation and creativity capability and managed innovation projects. Boyd also served as the chief of staff to the chief people officer at The Coca-Cola Company. He has also worked for great brands like GE, AON, and McKesson.

Boyd earned his master's in business administration from Duke University and his bachelor's in organizational development from Vanderbilt University.

Boyd currently resides in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife, Tricia, and their two children.



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