Aidan Anderson

Aidan Anderson has been a harmonica-jamming boy since he was little. One night, after growing bored at a grownup dinner at a restaurant in Atlanta, he started playing his toy harp. Aidan ended up with $80 in tips in his fedora. That very night, he decided to give his tips to charity to fight parasites for children in Africa. He had read an article about the plight and it was on his heart to help buy pills to help stop the suffering. That was the start of AidanCares and since then, things have really taken off. Aidan and his Mom have traveled here and overseas working to make a difference.

His mission is to share the necessity and joy of giving with all ages. “Find your passion and give from that place. Then you will never give out.” Aidan Cares is in the process of creating a series called “Giving 101” which will help inspire others to find what makes their heart sing.

Aidan has played giving gigs and speaking appearances all over to make his dreams happen, from street corners to nursing homes, from VA hospitals to colleges and schools, from convention centers to Youth Summits and so many gigs in between.



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